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​Our mission is simple: Be better.

Meet our team

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Yen Luu

Creative Director

Born in Kyiv then matured in Hanoi, I carry the originality of these two places into my work. Apart from the massive passion for art and design that’s in my DNA, I’m productivity-obsessed, ultimately seeking to help clients elevate their branding and make the most out of the resources. 

My 8-year portfolio marries both spectra of purposeful Brand identity design and strategy, in which logo design and brand naming are of my top great passions. Some of my projects utilize integrated visual communication to give voice to non-commercial art exhibitions and music events in creating brand cohesion and recognizability. 

However, this is really just the start. Let’s get it touch!

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My Nguyen

Content Creator

My six-year career exposure covers both sides of Inbound and Outbound Marketing, digging more strategically in the world of Branding to ace up corporate identity / performance - this is also my sweet spot in the mixed creative continuum.


I love to use content to accentuate the striking personalities of all projects, eventually putting heart and soul into creating brand works that radiate.

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